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Trixie DeLisle rolanda at
Sun Mar 11 16:33:38 PST 2001

> > Michael Gunter wrote:
> > > So, how about D/FW becoming a Principality?
> > > I'm thinking of pushing for an elected Crown.
> > > We need to have more firearms competitions at events.
> > > I think women, being all that is gentle and sweet, shouldn't
> > > fight because that's a man's duty. They should sit on the
> > > sidelines and help the men by giving them grapes.
> > > I think cooking should have its own Peerage.
> > > Big Dumb Gunthar

> Or the slightly more appropriate, "FOOL" section?
> Information on roasting a male cheauvenist pig?
> ;)

Nauw thar, li'l lady...yew jus' better watch yore tongue...that there's one
o' our Counts yer tawkin' 'bout! If'n you was in the Great Republic o' the
Elf-Steppes (or Steppesea), yew jus' maht find yoresailf turned over His
Bubbaness' Royal knee fer sum Kingly attitude adjustment! An' that's purely
how it aught ta be! Yew maht look inta findin' yoresailf some grapes, missy!

(ohh, am I in trouble now...'duckin' an' a-runnin an' a-steppin an'
a-fetchin an' a-pickin' an' a-grinnin'...)

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