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  >My Gosh-did everyone on the list go to war?
Not everyone. I have no lack of faith that Ansteorra will prevail, however.

A cheerful and bright day, a day that heralded the oncoming splendors of 
spring, this is what I saw from my window in the morning hours. Yet the sight 
that greeted me outside my door gave me pause.
They were everywhere. Crows in the trees, crows on the fence, crows strutting 
about in the grass, their inky legs glistening with the dew. Crows preening, 
crows calling, crows watching.
As I stood on my humble porch, stunned at their number and fearful of their 
stare, an unseen signal was given. In response to some silent trumpet to 
action, they rose into the sky together, matching wingbeats with harsh cries 
of enthusiasm. As they gained the skies, their number increased until the 
heights were speckled with them, until the heavens were blotched with 
blackness. Armies of crows, a nation of dark omens, they swam through the 
early dawn to the east, into the face of the unsuspecting sun.
Many a poet has wondered at the terrible deeds of crows. Many a midwife has 
feared their intent. Even kings are known to dream of their motivation while 
sweating in their beds and clenching their pillows in terror.
I, however, suffer no such uncertainty. The answer seems simple enough.
These were Ansteorran crows, winging east with a purpose.
.....must be feeding time.
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