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    I just love the way the Irish tell a tale!  Thanks for the visual.

Auntie Dwen
War Widow Awaiting Amber

> Not everyone. I have no lack of faith that Ansteorra will prevail,
> A cheerful and bright day, a day that heralded the oncoming splendors of
> spring, this is what I saw from my window in the morning hours. Yet the
> that greeted me outside my door gave me pause.
> They were everywhere. Crows in the trees, crows on the fence, crows
> about in the grass, their inky legs glistening with the dew. Crows
> crows calling, crows watching.
> As I stood on my humble porch, stunned at their number and fearful of
> stare, an unseen signal was given. In response to some silent trumpet to
> action, they rose into the sky together, matching wingbeats with harsh
> of enthusiasm. As they gained the skies, their number increased until the
> heights were speckled with them, until the heavens were blotched with
> blackness. Armies of crows, a nation of dark omens, they swam through the
> early dawn to the east, into the face of the unsuspecting sun.
> Many a poet has wondered at the terrible deeds of crows. Many a midwife
> feared their intent. Even kings are known to dream of their motivation
> sweating in their beds and clenching their pillows in terror.
> I, however, suffer no such uncertainty. The answer seems simple enough.
> These were Ansteorran crows, winging east with a purpose.
> .....must be feeding time.
> ~Fionnagan
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