ANST - HHHhheeellllloooooo

Tim Lozos sirtimo at
Wed Mar 14 05:43:44 PST 2001

>My Gosh-did everyone on the list go to war?

Hi Bors!

Not EVERYONE has gone to war (yet), I leave today after all of my exams.  
Besides, those that aren't going to war are too busy being depressed!

I just got a call from Timo...he said that the first night (Monday) there 
was a tornado over Hattisburg (sounds like a bad novel), and rain out the 
wazzoo.  It cleared up for Tuesday, and is supposed to rain/drizzle on 
Wednesday, and clear up again for the rest of war.  Sounds promising!

See you guys afterward!

Countess Allyson
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