ANST - HHHhheeellllloooooo

Michael Tucker michaelt at
Wed Mar 14 07:29:18 PST 2001

No, I'm here, busily felling trees, getting ready to publish the May
_Black_Star_. (Wasn't I just doing this, 10 years and a month ago?)

Fionnagan, I don't think those were crows. I think they were wishes... dark
wishes, from us Ansteorrans who could'na go. Surely you've heard of the Bluebird
of Happiness? Well, those crows would be... oh, never mind... I'm sure your
Irish wit can fill in the rest. :-)

Michael Silverhands

Bill and Susan Bowen wrote:
> No-
> We're leaving in about six hours.
> (& we'll miss you.)
> Sir William
> Baronman at wrote:
> > My Gosh-did everyone on the list go to war?
> >
> > Bors
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