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<< Fionnagan, I don't think those were crows. I think they were wishes... dark
 wishes, from us Ansteorrans who could'na go. Surely you've heard of the 
 of Happiness? Well, those crows would be... oh, never mind... I'm sure your
 Irish wit can fill in the rest. :-)
 Michael Silverhands
Great. Either there were thousands of crows outside my residence, anxious to 
feed on slain Trimarian flesh, or I accidentally filled the water tank of the 
coffeepot with whiskey AGAIN....sigh.
That's getting to be expensive, I gotta stop that.
Good to hear from you, O Baron Bunny-Foo-Foo. Good luck with your new 
endeavors. By the way, when people from the South come up to me and use my 
own line on me, i.e., "Whose butt is this?"....
Who do you think I'm going to blame, Baron Micheal? Hmmmmm?
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