ANST - HHHhheeellllloooooo

Michael Tucker michaelt at
Wed Mar 14 09:47:44 PST 2001

Ah, yes... that would be me, having my revenge upon you, Fionnagan, for a
certain incident at Gulf Wars lo these many years ago.


Michael Silverhands

Spatsman at wrote:
> In a message dated 3/14/01 9:33:21 AM Central Standard Time,
> michaelt at writes:
> << Fionnagan, I don't think those were crows. I think they were wishes... dark
>  wishes, from us Ansteorrans who could'na go. Surely you've heard of the
> Bluebird
>  of Happiness? Well, those crows would be... oh, never mind... I'm sure your
>  Irish wit can fill in the rest. :-)
>  Michael Silverhands
>   >>
> Great. Either there were thousands of crows outside my residence, anxious to
> feed on slain Trimarian flesh, or I accidentally filled the water tank of the
> coffeepot with whiskey AGAIN....sigh.
> That's getting to be expensive, I gotta stop that.
> Good to hear from you, O Baron Bunny-Foo-Foo. Good luck with your new
> endeavors. By the way, when people from the South come up to me and use my
> own line on me, i.e., "Whose butt is this?"....
> Who do you think I'm going to blame, Baron Micheal? Hmmmmm?
> ~Fionnagan
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