ANST - Celtic History Question

Christine Huse maria_elfsea at
Wed Mar 14 20:20:02 PST 2001

Buenis Dias!

There is a discussion going on with a few freinds of mine. I tend to 
disagree with them.

Did the Celts use armour? I would have thought that they did. My reasoning 
(this is just a guess, as I am not familiar with Celtic history)? There were 
plenty of Anglo/ Saxons to steal armour from once they were killed. Why 
wouldn't they have stolen it from the dead bodies? I find it very difficult 
to believe that someone would deliberatley go into a war un armoured.

Can anyone answer this question and give me some docs on it to prove my 
point (and that I'm not making it up)??


In Service,
Lady Maria de Vasquez

Elfsea's Hospitaler and Chamberlain

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