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Morgan Cain morgancain at
Thu Mar 15 04:51:46 PST 2001

I wanted to share this, with all the catlovers about.  (It went from Merry
Rose to SCA-HUMOR, and onwards....... well, he DID ask for it to be passed
along!)  They are probably too far away for pickup for folks in Calontir and
Ansteorra, but the message is quite fun (I am told the author is a
well-recognized punster):

In a message dated Tue, 13 Mar 2001 10:54:04 PM Eastern Standard Time,
Rutlands at writes:

<< Unto the Merry Rose does James of Rutland commend him, and enters a plea
help.... House Rutland has just taken in another Period Mousetrap Factory --
in full production mode, I'm sorry to say.  She is starting to look like a
Foote Balle on Legges -- and there should be a fine run of new Mousetraps in
about two weeks, for whom we will need to find loving fosterage, that they
may be raised in the Grand Atlantian Tradition. Mother Mousetrap is loving,
knows what a Euphemism is, is negative on FAids and FLeuk, but can't be
vaccinated for anything while In The Family Way. She is the light color of a
ginger tabby all over -- no red stripes.   Herself is locked in the spare
Euphemism, so we can be assured that the new batch of Mousetraps will be
offered in Mint Condition.
 Please, good gentles, forgive this Relic of St. Pam; and if anyone is
interested in a Mousetrap some three months hence, contact us. And feel free
to pass this message on. We are mundanely in Frederick Co, Maryland. James.


Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old
age, but they die young.--  Arthur Wing Pinero (1855-1934)

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