ANST - Celtic History Question

Christine Huse maria_elfsea at
Thu Mar 15 08:36:23 PST 2001

I'm sorry! I should have been more specific (I know better than that). Let 
me explain the problem.

We had a demo at the North Texas Irish Festival during the weekend of Crown 
Tourney. The empahsis on NTIF is to promote a love of Celtic music in 
general. It has been brought up with the managers and cordinators that our 
demo was more Anglo/Saxon in nature. I fear that if the BoD for NTIF agrees 
that we did not fit in with the ambience of the festival, we will be 
cancelled. I am trying very hard to keep them from cancelling our demo next 

Thank you for your help!

<< For more good information on the vastness and imprecision of the word

  For more information, I suggest contacting Mistress Mari ferch Rathyen
  <karenmoon at>.  Another good person who has done a lot of research 
  Sir Richard ap Morgan, who has email but I can't locate his address right
  off -- Mari will have his email if you write her.

Well, Mistress Gunnora beat me to the punch. Hopefully, between my comments
and hers (Excellent response to the usage of 'Celt', Mistress) you can see
that nudity and armor both had their place among those races sometimes
labeled as Celt.
~Fionnagan, who stares blankly when refered to as a Celt, being a Gael from
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