ANST - Celtic History Question

Christine Huse maria_elfsea at
Thu Mar 15 10:30:08 PST 2001

The demo was held here in the DFW area at the State Fair grounds (in 
Dallas). The NTIF is held there every 1st weekend of March. If it's a nice 
day, we can draw up to 2,000 people in the first few hours the gates open.

I think that what they are looking for would be the Irish in particular with 
a close second on the Scottish.

The type of armour I'm looking for would be along the lines of what we wear 
here in the SCA (I'm just looking for close, not exact).

Why did they think we were doing Anglo/Saxon? I think because they are just 
misinformed about that time period (the Medievil/Rennasaince period that we 
study). I'm afraid that many people who saw "Braveheart" (and I used to be 
one) believe that all people Scottish and Irish people wore kilts and fought 
with sticks and stones.  The arts that were presented were primarily 
"Celtic" looking (knotwork, bone carvings, etc).

Personally, I think we did an excellent job.


You're still not specific as to what you mean by "Celtic" though.  What
demo?  What kind of armor? Why did they think it was Anglo-Saxon
particularly?  Etc.


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