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Christine Huse maria_elfsea at
Thu Mar 15 10:38:12 PST 2001

Oh, muchas gracias, m'lord Charinthalis!

This is just what I was looking for!

My theories are about the same concerning Celts and the stealing of armour. 
After all, who would want to go to war nude against hundrededs of men that 
are wearing metal all over their bodies? Not me! :-)

I thought I had remember reading about the Celts scavenging dead bodies for 
items that were usable or sellable.


--- Christine Huse <maria_elfsea at> wrote:
 > Did the Celts use armour?
Yes, Indeed they did!  The sites that I go to for
factual information about chain mail armor state that
due to recent uncovering in Celtic burial grounds and
the amount of rust and the patterns that the rust was
in suggest that the Celts were using Chain Mail before
5 BC.  I will try to find the URL for the site and
post it for you here.

There were plenty of Anglo/ Saxons to steal armour
from once they were killed. Why wouldn't they have
stolen it from the dead bodies?
And yes the Celts were scavengers, just like any army
was at that time.  They took what they could use off
the dead bodies, armor, weapons, etc.

Charinthalis del Sans Armorer Extroidinaire

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