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Maria, read The Tain, by Patric Collum. It gives
wonderful descriptions of Celtic armour,
clothing, food, manners, customs, etc., BEFORE
the Norse.... According to the Tain bo Cuilagne,
Cuchulain wore a thick leather apron (a kidney
belt!) with (I think, my copy was stolen) chain
mail over it.
Remember that the Celts hired out as mercenaries
all over the world, a long time before our time
periods, and long after!

--- Christine Huse <maria_elfsea at>
> Buenis Dias!
> There is a discussion going on with a few
> freinds of mine. I tend to 
> disagree with them.
> Did the Celts use armour? I would have thought
> that they did. My reasoning 
> (this is just a guess, as I am not familiar
> with Celtic history)? There were 
> plenty of Anglo/ Saxons to steal armour from
> once they were killed. Why 
> wouldn't they have stolen it from the dead
> bodies? I find it very difficult 
> to believe that someone would deliberatley go
> into a war un armoured.
> Can anyone answer this question and give me
> some docs on it to prove my 
> point (and that I'm not making it up)??
> Gracias!
> In Service,
> Lady Maria de Vasquez
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