ANST - Tie?

Pug Bainter pug at
Mon Mar 19 06:56:38 PST 2001

Robert Haeffner (caradoc at said something that sounded like:
> 7 - 4 for Ansteorra.  So it was a tie.  (Ain't it always)  :)
> Ansteorra won the Ravine battle, the fort battle, the volunteer points, 1/2
> the A&S points, equestrian, and rapier.  (I think)

We lost the fort battle when *I* left the field. Did that change? The
time was 44 minutes us and 38 minutes them.

Btw, there are 12 war points. The other being the Heavy Weapons Champion

Archery                                     1 point   ( Trimaris )
Arts & Sciences                             2 points  ( split )
Equestrian                                  1 point   ( Ansteorra )
Fort Battles                                1 point   ( Trimaris )
Heavy Weapons Champion Tourney              1 point   ( ??? )
Rapier                                      1 point   ( Ansteorra )
Open Field Battles (Best 2 out of 3)        1 point   ( Trimaris )
Live Weapons                                1 point   ( Trimaris )
Resurrection Battle                         1 point   ( Ansteorra )
Volunteer (between Ansteorra and Trimaris)  2 point   ( Ansteorra )

Anyone have corrections to that?

If it's right that gives us 6 to their 5. Anyone know about the Champions
Tourney? I had heard it was truly a tie, so my guess is they took the
Champions Tourney, but I wasn't present to know for sure.


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