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Ansteorra and their allies did prevail at the Chivalric Champions battle! 
Our mighty warriors did show their skill and prowess as Trimaris crumbled 
beneath the waves. The Triskle was literally swept away by a tsunami in a 
12-3 victory for the Sable Star.

Our Squires fought like Knights, our Knights fought like Kings, and our 
inspired Allies brought much honor to the Black Star banner.

Know your heros Ansteorra! For these are the ones who answered your King's 

The King of the East sent two stout warriors, Ld. Lars Wolfsblut and Sir 
Balin Devalier. From the distant land of Antir came the dashing Duke 
Torgill, while Sir Miklash, a bold man, strode forward from Atenveldt. Our 
great Allies of Calontir, soaring like falcons, sent Earl Joe Angus, purple 
and gold wearer.

Baron Ulstead the Unsteady led the way for our Squires. Fitting for him; his 
Chivalry would be recognized, named by King Jason to join the Knights the 
following day! Ld. Vigil von Augsberg showed skill and flair, as did HL 
Gideon MacLeod in a fight with an old friend. Centurion John of Severn left 
his footprints on the field, and Ld Oric of Rosenfeld did virtually chase 
his opponent off the lists.

The Knowne World trembles at the names of our Chivalry. Qadi Mahadi cast 
fear in their hearts and Earl Alric Drake knows no equal. Sir Alexis la 
Bouche, the King's own Champion, did take the field to the swooning of many 
fair ladies. Count Simon of Amber Isle did step from the mists of legend, 
while Sir Godwin of Edington showed the stoutness of the Stargate.

Know your heros Ansteorra! At Gulf Wars X they stood many. Were you there? 
Did you see? Tell others your tales and we shall be stronger. Our 
rememberence of the legends will show us the way. The Greater Glory of 
Ansteorra lies within all of us.

Jarl Timotheos Kalamanos, KSCA

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