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Mon Mar 19 08:17:56 PST 2001

On Mon, Mar 19, 2001 at 09:50:04AM -0600, Tim Lozos wrote:
> Know your heros Ansteorra! At Gulf Wars X they stood many. Were you there? 
> Did you see? Tell others your tales and we shall be stronger. Our 
> rememberence of the legends will show us the way. The Greater Glory of 
> Ansteorra lies within all of us.

Your Excellency, I would be happy to put in a few rapier nominations from
the open field battle on Thursday.

Earl Sir Barn Silveraxe, who joined us on the rapier field, showed great sense
and inspiring maturity in detailing his limitations and asking for proper
placement on the field.  Having done so, he then proceeded to be the terror
of the Trimarans and allies, and a rallying point for the rest of us.  Once
a hero, always a hero, His Excellency.

Lord Walter Robin.  Walter had just time to join us on the open field
Thursday before he had to leave, and oh, were our opponents sorry.  When
the North was asked to rush the enemy line first, Walter ran faster than
anyone might have imagined, and was upon the Trimaran line in an instant,
sending them into chaos literally a few seconds after the call of "lay on".
My friend, they rue the day they saw -- or rather didn't see -- you coming!

Lord Edward Mercer.  Anyone in the kingdom who doesn't know what a
powerhouse this man is has not been paying attention.  One of my favorite
moments from the War was watching Edward stalk around the field demanding
that one of the remaining opponents turn and fight him.  I have to say,
they clearly knew better.  The price of fame, Lord Edward. :)

These are just a few, but... Know your heroes, Ansteorra!


Shri Chandranath, Cadet to Don Timothy
Pursuivant Extraordinaire
Captain of the Plumes of the Shire of Mooneschadowe
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