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Ronnie wrote: 
> > demo was more Anglo/Saxon in nature. I fear that if the BoD for NTIF agrees
> > that we did not fit in with the ambience of the festival, we will be
> > cancelled. I am trying very hard to keep them from cancelling our demo next
> > year.
> I'm on the lookout for Irish garb patterns.  If I get enough made, I could
> do loaners.

Ok, after reading the messages in this thread, here are the files in 
Florilegium that I think might prove useful on the Celtic cultures
and clothing.

In the CULTURES section:
Celts-msg          (7K)  6/ 1/00    Info sources for the Celts.
Ireland-msg       (47K)  2/18/00    Irish culture, dress. Points of
Scotland-msg      (65K)  5/25/99    Scottish culture. Who lived where.
                                       points of interest. The Orkney

In the CLOTHING section:
cl-Celts-msg       (9K)  6/ 5/96    Clothing of the Celtic peoples.
cl-Ireland-msg    (88K)  7/26/99    Medieval Irish clothing.
cl-Scot-fem-art   (14K)  7/ 2/96    Scottish women's clothing.
cl-Scot-male-art  (18K)  6/20/96    Scottish men's clothing.
cl-Scotland-msg  (125K)  5/21/99    Clothing of Scotland. folding of

In the FOOD-BY-REGION section:
fd-Celts-msg      (34K) 10/ 6/99    Celtic food. Celtic feasts.
fd-Ireland-msg    (37K) 12/ 6/99    Medieval Irish food. referances.
fd-Scotland-msg   (39K)  9/21/00    Medieval food of Scotland. recipes.

In the FOOD section:
haggis-msg        (79K) 10/ 6/99    Scottish haggis recipes. comments on

"Celtic" is, as others have pointed out, a rather nebulous term. In the
Florilegium, I tend to use it for the peoples of Gaul and the British
Isles that the Romans came in contact with and the ancestors to the 
later Irish and Scottish peoples. But since the NTIF seems to be using
a much broader definition, I've tried to cover some of these peoples

I want to thank those that have tried to answer Lady Maria de Vasquez's
question. Some of these messages will eventually find their way into
the Celts-msg file for future inquires of this nature.

Stefan li Rous
stefan at

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