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In editing a bibliography for the Florilegium, I noticed the
following entry, and I thought that those who were discussing
Celtic armor on this list recently might be interested.

> Moscati, Sabatino & Venceslas Kruta (eds): The Celts. 
> 	New York, Rizzoli, 1999. 719pp, Bibliography, Photo. & 
> 	Illus., 8vo, First Edition paperback, New Softcover. 
> 	$35.00, or 1991 Hardback, ISBN: 0-8478-1407-6, 712 pp.,
>  	dustjacket. Huge book, lots of color pictures, 
> 	for a major exhibition. A great many tools, including 
> 	the remains of a saddler's leather bag with the (many) 
> 	tools in it. Pottery reproductions of various shoes. 
> 	This thing is indexed by locality only. Lots of 
> 	chariots and wagons, weapons, armor, shields (with 
> 	diagrams good enough to reproduce). Kinda the Ultimate 
> 	Celt Book, at least 2" thick by many authors in many 
> 	countries. Lots of metalwork and pottery, and everyday 
> 	items, sculpture, drawings of recreated graves, oppida,
> 	etc. Tremendous amount of jewelry and fittings.

This is part of a huge bibliography that Magnus recently sent
me. It will be shortly be joining the CRAFTS section of the
Florilegium as:
Non-Ferrous-bib   (37K)  3/19/01    Annotated bibliography on
non-ferrous metal
                                       and metal objects by Magnus.

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