ANST - Fort landscaping (was: Tie?)

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Mon Mar 19 17:01:09 PST 2001

At 08:10 AM 3/20/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Robert Haeffner wrote:
>> 7 - 4 for Ansteorra.  So it was a tie.  (Ain't it always)  :)
>> Ansteorra won the Ravine battle, the fort battle, the volunteer points, 1/2
>> the A&S points, equestrian, and rapier.  (I think)
>> We lost the field battle, the other A&S point, Live Steel, Archery.
>Actually, we lost the fort battle by three minutes.  They took it in 38
min., &
>we took it in 41.  We DID take it, though, thanks in large part to our seige
>engines & allies.  I don't mind losing to those guys by three minutes- I had
>The real losers of the castle battle were the people hurt coming off scaling
>ladders. One lady broke her leg very badly when she landed on sloping ground.
>The turrets haven't been terraced like Bordermarch did.  I think that it's a
>bit more of a drop also.

My lady attended the wrap-up meeting Sunday morning, and that was one of
the things discussed. She reports that the Gulf War folks are planning to
raise the level of the ground on the inside of the fort so it will be a
4-foot drop instead of the current 6 feet.

	-Tivar Moondragon
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