: ANST - War and changes

Lawrence Ruiz lruiz at interconnect.net
Tue Mar 20 03:55:14 PST 2001

This is the first I have heard of this and I had been hit by several of the
bolts being fired at the war.  Please email me at lruiz at interconnect.net
with some specifics of this incident so I can determine if an oversight was

All machines at this Gulf War were tested by myself and the other marshals.
Safety was paramount in the siege department.  For those few machines where
the power could have been dangerous, we (meaning the marshals) received a
shot at the minimum range from the machine to ensure the safety of the
combatants, exceeding the safety requirement of Society.

I truly am sorry it took an injury to remove the ramps, but according to the
rules we play by, and the safety measures taken, the ramps were in excess of
the minimum in safety.  Is raising the ground two feet the solution?  If the
individual was inadvertantly bumped off the ramp, then no.  If the ramp was
simply too high for her to jump from, then perhaps.  As it is right now, we
have used ramps for three years and each year a major injury occurs.  I have
battled this in my head for the past couple of days and I do not have the
perfect solution (other than just getting rid of the ramps).  The siege
community will be discussing this as well as material components for
ballista bolts and their design during the next few months.

For those who would like specific areas addressed, please email me.  If you
thought there were just too many engines at war, or the rules were too
complicated, or stupid, or if you are a proponent of greater death through
superior firepower and technology, let me know.  Remember, I volunteered to
be your servant in the siege community.

I remain,
Lawrence the Rampant

> Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 23:09:48 -0600
> From: "doc" <doc at mail.ev1.net>
> Subject: ANST - War and changes
> It may be too early to really be asking this question, but I heard that
there were plans to re-visit the rulings on both ballistas and crossbows in
the wake of some close calls and far-too-hard hits at Gulf Wars.  I heard of
 ballista bolts going through shields, and saw one crossbow bruise worse
than any sword shot I've ever seen.
> I find the ballista quetion espically concerning, since I watched one hit
a stud in the castle not 6 inches from a Ladie's arm with enough force to
put a 1/2 inch divet in the wood.  Those of us standing there were
discussing it later, and all had no doubt that it would have broken her arm
badly had it hit her.  I'm mostly curious here as to whether the discussions
have begun in ernest, and what has been said?
> It was, however, a great war, and I am very glad to have gone.  This was
my second, the first being the one which Thor won.  I'd like to say a big
thank you to everyone who attend, and espically those who work so hard to
make things happen.
> - -Fearadhach McCongel

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