ANST - War and tactics

Russell mahee of acre husted at
Tue Mar 20 04:28:32 PST 2001

As an observer, I saw an opertunity missed by our side while we were in the 
castle. The other side was hovering just our of balista range in mass. Our 
bolts fell mosly on empty soil. Our archers were tagging people reasonably 
well, but any single ballistic attack is evadable.

I would like to encourage ALL fighters to become archery authorized and to 
fight in units. A group can avoid one arrow, but remember the movies(I know, 
bad example) when hundreds of arrows came pooring down in unison on a group. 
They could not avoid that. And when they storm the castle, the bows are 
passed to the back and the melee begins. and while you can not get through 
the living to join in the melee, take a few shots at the guys coming over 
the wall.

Think if half of the Ansteorrans in the castle had shot a single unison 
volley how many we could have reduced there forces by. And the missle battle 
lasted almost 15 minutes.

I am not saying that the ballistas were not affective...they were.

I am saying, if you are not part of a ballista crew, pick up a bow and learn 
how to lob an arrow over a castle wall with it. Artillery seems to be very 

Now my ramble is done.

your servant,

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