: ANST - War and changes

Sean Hertzberg s_hertzberg at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 20 06:33:55 PST 2001

>This is the first I've heard as well. I heard rumor that a crossbow bolt
>punched through a shield. From my understanding they are definitely
>revisiting the way crossbows are being weighed.
>Ciao, Pug

Ok Folks...

I saw the shield that was hit by the crossbow bolt.  There was an indention 
of about 1/2 inch into the plywood.  It was NOT nice looking.

Now, speaking as Iolo's apprentice, let me state something.  IT IS NOT THE 
BOWS THEMSELVES.  We are using the same standards that we have used for a 
while.  What has changed is two major things.

1. The projectiles.  Baldar blunts and Thistle missiles hit a lot harder 
than the modified Marklands.  They have more mass and do not give.  I also 
saw someone that had a modified markland that they had tool dipped and it 
had maybe 1/8 inch of compression.  I would not want to be hit by that.

2. There were also reports of people using high speed strings.  These are 
more slender and more efficient than the standard strings that are used on 
the crossbows made by us.  They do not last as long, but they can give you a 
signifigant increase in power.

Add these together and that is where the problem lies.  What is the 
solution?  Not sure...but making sure high speed strings are not used might 
be a place to start.  Perhaps squishier bolt heads...not my call.

Avery Shaw
Apprentice to Master Iolo Fitzowen
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