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Lord Fearghus had a ballista bolt being fired from the Trimarian side that did not have the tennis ball punctured.  It was also not labelled as to who's bolt it was.

Rebekah of Newcastle 

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>If someone is following the rules, their ballista should not be launching bolts so powerfully...and their bolts should not be hard enough to do what you saw.  There were firing distance limitations as well as a requirement that all tennis ball tips be pun>ctured.  Though there is a chance that the tape subsequently covered this hole, I don't see that a punctured tennis ball could do what you described.  Did anybody
>grab the bolt to examine it?  Probably could have been tracked to the owner and machine.
>My opinion on this, for what it's worth, is that there was probably a rules violation going on.  As a result, we don't need more rules...just better enforcement of those that presently exist..
>Isobel Hadleigh

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