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Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Tue Mar 20 11:56:56 PST 2001

Jhan Knebel (rixende at yahoo.com) said something that sounded like:
> Actually, from what I heard, the gentleman that was
> showing his site token was hit by a new style of
> combat arrow head (Looks kinda like a superball)

This new style (of which there were two being tested) is being made to
replace the existing balder blunts. One version has a hole drilled in
the middle of the head that has two side-effects. First it appears to
soften the blow since it can collapse some. Second it apparently will
whistle on long-range shots.

These were supposed to be all pulled from the field early on, but there
were still some appearing during the fort battle, but not in any
significant quantity that I saw.


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