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Here's the schedule as posted by Richard and directions posted by


Just a reminder to everyone that redtape is this weekend in the barony
ravensfort. The base schedule is
9:00am - 11:00am Great officer breakouts with regional and local
11:00am-12:30pm Lunch
12:30pm - 3:00pm Great Officer Reports
3:00pm-4:00pm Executive session of their Majesties, their Highnesses,
Great Officers and Primary Deputies.
4:00pm General meeting starts again. Finish great officer reports, move
to timed discussion of topics brought up during the meeting.

Directions to the Red Tape Event site......

Make your way to Huntsville, Texas.

 From the South......

Coming up I-45, get off the road at the exit ramp onto the frontage road

that is right in front of the prison unit (The Goree Unit, it has a
white water tower and radio antenna tower  next to it) on the south side
Huntsville. You will be on HWY 75. Proceed North into town on that road.
turns into Sam Houston Ave. Stay on Sam Houston Ave until you go pass an

HEB on the left and a gentle turn to the right. Begin watching for 21st
street and a Long John Silvers. The Art Dept buildings are at Sam
Ave and 21st Street. There will be signs on Sam Houston pointing the

 From the North.......

Coming down I-45, get off at Hwy 30/190 and I-45. Turn east (into town)
to the Square of Huntsville (downtown). Make a right onto Sam Houston
and proceed South on Sam Houston Ave. You will know your have reached
Square as there is a County Court House. You will be in the NE corner of

the Square. You will proceed past Sam Houston State Univ. There will be
Chinese Restaurant on the left just past the University. The next marked

and paved street on the left is 21st. Watch for the Long John Silvers.
watch for the signs.

Coming from the West.....

Use the same directions as from the north if you are coming in on

Coming from the East.....

Proceed into town on Hwy 30/190 or Hwy 19 to the Square, then use the
directions as outlined from the North.

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