ANST - Ballista bolts

Russell mahee of acre husted at
Thu Mar 22 10:26:09 PST 2001

I get lots of tennis balls from the school where I teach. When they go bad, 
they give them to me. You might try contacting a local school that has a 
tennis club and asking them.


From: LrdWayland at
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Subject: Re: ANST - Ballista bolts
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 11:15:42 EST

We get our golf tubes at Academy for around a buck each. They also sell
3-packs of cheap tennis balls for a dollar. You may be able to get free, 
tennis balls from local tennis clubs, colleges, etc. These places discard
balls which have lost thier bounce.
Quintus Severus (called Wayland)
Coastal Region Siege Marshal

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ozyadams at writes:

 >  Does anyone have a good line on golf tubes?
 >  Or do you have to be wealthy to be a seige engineer?
 >  -0zy
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