ANST - Ballista bolts

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Thu Mar 22 09:00:15 PST 2001

So I guess you would be saying : "Yes, you must be wealthy to be a seige
engineer." ?
There was probably a thousand dollars worth of golf tubes inside the fort by
the time we took it....
Luckily the things last awhile (mostly).


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> We get our golf tubes at Academy for around a buck each. They also sell
> 3-packs of cheap tennis balls for a dollar. You may be able to get free,
> tennis balls from local tennis clubs, colleges, etc. These places discard
> balls which have lost thier bounce.
> Quintus Severus (called Wayland)
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> >
> >  Does anyone have a good line on golf tubes?
> >  Or do you have to be wealthy to be a seige engineer?
> >
> >  -0zy
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