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Thu Mar 22 11:28:26 PST 2001

Having had a few past conversations with Iolo and then talking about this 
with my lady, Dona Gwenneth (another Iolo apprentice and mundanely a 
structural engineer), a few comments:

Ok, the design is actually a good one.  The idea should make the bolts last 
longer and not get torn up as fast.  Not sure about the bouce back.  
Gwenneth said that it may be because more force is transferring to the 
target (hitting harder) therefore less bounce...or it might be just that it 
is disapating more energy in the bolt itself.  The only real way to test it? 
  Get some "volunteer" *grin*, have them stand at a proper range 
and shoot at them.  Get a report of how hard the different types of bolts 

One problem with the design, though.  The way the foam works is that it 
compresses (ie. pushed air out of the way).  With the tool dip, there is 
nowhere for the air to go.  You might want to think about pushing a few pin 
holes into the head, giving the air a path out.  Does that make sense?

And as for effectiveness against white with red pale tabbards...well, they 
were not very invulnerable to the Bryn Gwlad War Company in the second field 
battle...We ate them for breakfast...;). (ok, I got hit by large man with a 
white belt, but only two of us died and all of them did *grin*).

>Greetings to All my comrades in Arms,
>I want to respond to this portion of Avery's posting:
>   >1. The projectiles.  Baldar blunts and Thistle missiles hit a lot
>   >than the modified Marklands.  They have more mass and do not give. I
>   >saw someone that had a modified markland that they had tool dipped
>and it
>   >had maybe 1/8 inch of compression.  I would not want to be hit by
>I am the designer/maker of the modified markland arrows you mentioned. I
>appreciate and welcome any and all commentary on these points (as these
>are the first arrows I have ever made), feedback is the only way I can
>improve the design.
>I also want to add a few "points" (pun intended) about the design and
>The Heads are padded with two 1 1/2" discs of blue closed-cell foam (of
>the sleeping mat variety), topped with one 1" disc of foam.  The
>assembly is covered in a single layer of strapping tape and one layer of
>vinyl (electrical) tape, and then dipped. Twice.
>The compression is less than soft foam, but FAR greater than any
>commercially available blunt I saw on the field (or felt in my thigh, or
>I experienced a significant lessening of "bounce back" with these arrow
>points.  Basically they hit a target, recoiled about four to six inches,
>and dropped.  They never spun off a target as I witnessed several
>commercial blunts do.
>I received several positive comments on these and was asked to post a
>"how to" on the net by several archery marshals, including those
>marshals of our opponents.
>And finally, one negative note:
>Apparently these arrow points can be confounded by a white tabard with a
>red pale. Especially if this tabard is worn with a red or white belt.
>But Seriously, hardly anybody "called" them on the field, so I do not
>think they hit too hard.
>Mstr Godwyn Alfricson, Bjornsborg
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