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Rolf Kvamme baron_duncan at
Thu Mar 22 13:20:23 PST 2001

I have it on good authority that its baron_duncan at and 
ladyoftherose at .. heheheh then again I could be wrong.


Duncan Princeps Ansteorra
>Sorry for the bandwidth, but could someone forward me privately Duncan
>and Larissa's email addresses.  Thanks.
>(Now where did I put my blackstar...)
>Lord Gideon
>'Honor the past, live the present, create the future'
>Sean Sandifer Gulick, PhD
>PGI Postdoctoral Fellow
>Institute for Geophysics
>University of Texas
>4412 Spicewood Springs Rd Bldg 600
>Austin, TX 78759
>Phone:  (512) 232-3262
>Fax:   (512) 475-6338
>E-mail: sean at
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