ANST - Bolts and Arrows

Patrick J. Cuccurello pat at
Thu Mar 22 14:45:21 PST 2001


I think that they are probably talking about the baldar blunts.


ps... you're not an idiot for wanting to make something yourself.
Just because someone else makes it doesn't mean you cannot do a 
better job, do it cheaper, or do it to a different specification.

Besides, they are not inexpensive when you consider how many you
can fire in any give scenario.

> I have been told that I am an idiot by a friend of
> mine when I said I was trying to find out how to make
> arrow heads for combat. He promptly informed me there
> is someone who sells them to where they screw into the
> arrow shaft. If anyone knows who it is and how much
> lemme know please we ( a group of 4 people) are trying
> to get ready for Archery combat for out little Canton.
> Sincerely Charinthalis Del Sans
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