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Trixie DeLisle rolanda at
Thu Mar 22 17:31:58 PST 2001

> It would be great to have a tape/CD of all these songs to play in
> the car as
> we go to events.
> Donnel

Well...tell ya what...
Let's combine two great ideas, one here...and one from the Bards list, and
one here! (...what? You didn't know there was a Bards list?...well...go to and under "Lists maintained Within
Ansteorra" there's a Bards list!),

*Anyway*...If anyone wants to do so, I will be at Rogues and Rapiers (insert
unabashed plug here!), and will be happy to sing at the bardic circle in the
evening into "Portable Scribes" ("Elf-boxes"? "Musicians-in-a-box"?...pick
your favorite euphamism) long as they remain relatively un-obtrusive,
and we get lots of others to do good stuff, too!
There was supposed to be a CD put out of all the top songs from that
competition, but it never happened (*pout*).

If anyone is *really* industrious, this piece is a filk (hey, filk is
period, even if the word isn't!) of "Clare's Dragoons"; a post-period song
about the English Civil War era (1680's). An Irish Lord (Daniel O'Brien, 3rd
Viscount Clare) had raised an army of horsemen (dragoons), and when many of
the Irish were driven out (in the "Flights of the Wild Geese") he smuggled
enough money to get himself and his troops out ahead of the wave of English.
He then took them to France, re-armed them, and fought with the French
against England; and was terribly successful. Their headquarters was the
church in Ypre, France, where they displayed their captured battle standards
in the choir loft. here's a link to both the original piece, and a MIDI of
the tune:

In Service, I remain
Alden Pharamond
Rosenfeld, Ansteorra

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