ANST-Announce - Success at Gulf Wars X!

Steelquist, John JohnS at
Fri Mar 23 08:26:17 PST 2001

Unto the populace of Ansteorra does Ulsted the Unsteady, Kingdom Warlord,
send greetings and good tidings.

Gulf Wars X was a great success!  Everyone that I've spoken with who
attended had a great time, and that is the true measure of our success.
Even our noble and worthy adversaries seemed to be grinning as they clubbed
us, or were stabbed in turn.  Much honor and camaraderie was shared over a
host of tournaments, providing the Knowne World with feats of valor and
chivalry to be spoken of for years.  Wonderful works of art were displayed
for all to marvel at.  Great deeds and skill were demonstrated on the
Equestrian, Archery, and Live Steel fields of noble competition.  Again,
everyone pulled together and provided service that made for a more enjoyable
event for all.

Ansteorra and her Allies from the Kingdoms of Calontir, the East, Meridies,
An Tir, and Ealdormere, along with Iron Lance and other fighting companies
acquitted themselves well on every field of competition.  Our noble
opponents from Trimaris, with their Allies from the Kingdoms of Atlantia,
the Midrealm, Aethelmearc, and others also proved their might and valor,
being worthy foes and making the competition all the sweeter for everyone
involved.  Special thanks should go to the Principality of Gleann Abhann for
allowing the bloodshed on their lands (and the parties afterwards to cleanse
the soil :) ).

My only complaint: I wished there were even more Ansteorrans present to
share the honor, joy, shopping, companionship, and downright fun.  This is
OUR WAR.  It is truly unique in the Knowne World for the spirit of
friendship that pervades every competition.  And the parties are truly
awe-inspiring.  So make it a point to support your Kingdom, and have
yourselves a great vacation next year.

For those curious who missed Grand Court, the war points were:
Rapier: Ansteorra
Live Weapons: Ansteorra
Archery: Trimaris
Ravine: Ansteorra, but just barely, after a glorious fight
Field: Trimaris
Champions: Ansteorra
Castle: Trimaris, with a margin of victory of only 5 minutes
Equestrian: Ansteorra
Arts and Sciences: 1 point each for Ansteorra and Trimaris
Service (2 points): Ansteorra, but only by a margin of some 30 hours among
the thousands served

And, as a mist swirled over Grand Court, no exchequer could be found and
Their Royal Majesties Ansteorra and Trimaris agreed that no clear victor
could be named.  They further agreed that we would, once again, have to join
in the spirit of friendship and fun and meet again next year to determine a
victor.  On to Gulf Wars XI!  Vivat Trimaris!  Vivat Ansteorra!

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