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Rolf Kvamme baron_duncan at
Mon Mar 26 08:54:39 PST 2001

I have heard many clammouring for a decisive win at Gulf War. That the tie 
each year is keeping people form showing up. The war points are read and 
people know who won what. Do you fight so that you can say we had a decisive 
victory in the history books?

I know I go to war to fight with my friends, and bring glory and honour to 
my lady and Kingdom. Nothing less will do.

Many want to scrutinize the last detail of how we lost some battles.

Instead let us remember how we took the castle. We took the castle and 
killed the last of its defenders in honourable single combat that day, after 
we had given them a chance to yield in ancient and honourable Ansteorran 
tradition. Or how we came from behind and rolled the mighty flank of our 
enemy to win the ravine battle.

Now is the time to set aside talking about where we erred and what battles 
our forces faced and lost,  but the time to sing the praise of our heros and 
our victories.  Share tales of valour and grace in combat with those around 
you, relate a story to a bard so that they may bring new voice to our 
stories of war. In truth, great tales are what inspires young warriors to 
fight like heros of legend, warbands to impact like armies, and our archers 
to aim true.  share your fire and fierceness in the telling of all that was 
won upon those field.  Inspire those around you to take up arms and fight 
again so that they too may add their honor and stregnth for the glory that 
is Ansteorra, and add their names to the roles of our legends.

Let the army next year span the horizon. The banging of shields and war 
cries deafening from our mighty war host. And let our warriors be 
unmatchable in ferocity as well as chivalry upon that great field. Then let 
us raise our fallen comrades from that enemy host and show them how great 
Ansteorran hospitality is.

Duncan Princeps Ansteorra

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