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Mon Mar 26 10:29:53 PST 2001

Timothy Rayburn wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone in the A&S community or otherwise might know
> of a good source for Pure Bees Wax.  I am looking for a Bulk Purchase,
> between 50 and 100 pounds depending on price per pound.
> My best source currently has it at about $2.99 per pound.
> Timothy of Glastonbury
> Novice Candlemaker

I think that is a very good price. Is this raw beeswax or has it been
filtered some? I think the best price I've seen has been about $5/pound.
I believe the two merchants who had beeswax at Gulf Wars were selling
one pound blocks for $5 and $7.50.

I'd like to hear more about your source, although I've still got my
one-pound block (I think it was a pound, approx. 1 inch x 4 x 6). One of
the reasons I haven't made something with it has been waiting for a
project that was worth using my expensive beeswax for.

You might try some of the sources in this file in the ANIMALS section
of the Florilegium, but I doubt you'll beat your current price:
bees-msg          (46K)  4/ 4/00    Period beekeeping.

Since you mention candlemaking, these files in the HOME, SWEET HOME
section might also be of interest:
candles-msg       (79K)  4/12/00    Candle snuffers, making candles,
wax, tallow
candlesticks-msg  (22K)  4/21/99    Medieval candlesticks.

The Florilegium is at:

Stefan li Rous
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