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Mark.S Harris mark.s.harris at
Mon Mar 26 11:55:32 PST 2001

I believe hardened leather can be used for elbow and kneecops and has
been. However I am not an Ansteorra marshal so I can't give you the 
exact rules.

One advantage of using hardened leather is not only is it a period
material and technique but the pieces used are small and thus can
often be found in scrap and sale bins. However it must be vegetable
tanned leather.

It can be made using either parafin wax or just plain water. It now
appears that just water was used in period. For more details on this
check this file in the COMBAT section of my Florilegium:
armor-leather-msg (48K) 10/16/00    Making leather armor.

At one time there was/is a Bryn Gwlad armorers guild. Perhaps a
team effort could help equip your folks with useable armor.

These other files in the COMBAT section of the Florilegium might also
be of interest:
armor-msg         (59K)  5/17/96    General comments on armor, SCA
armor-chklst-msg  (12K)  9/23/98    Armor checklist for SCA events and
armor-plastic-msg (67K) 10/17/00    Making plastic armor.
armorers-lst      (67K)  1/22/01    List of and reviews of SCA armorers.
chainmail-beg-art (24K) 11/ 2/00    "Chainmaille Tutorial for Beginners" 
                                       by Culann Mac Cruimeinn.
chainmail-msg    (106K)  4/ 6/00    Making chainmail. Mail armor.
merch-chainml-msg (23K)  3/ 6/01    Chainmail merchants and supplies.
  (mail is not quickly made and thus may not be what you want for new
folks and
a new unit, however it can add a lot to the "feel" and "authentic look"
of things)

coat-of-plates-msg (23K) 6/20/96    Coats-of-plates, scaled armor.
duct-tape-msg      (9K)  1/ 9/97    Sources for unusual colors of duct
f-fighters-msg    (37K)  1/23/01    Protective gear for female fighters.
Fightng-Small-art (24K)  2/19/99    "Fighting for those of Small
                                       by Centurion Romanius
gambesons-msg     (32K)  9/27/96    Gambesons, SCA and period.
gauntlets-msg     (18K) 11/ 5/96    Hand protection, gloves, gauntlets.
gorgets-msg        (9K)  5/17/96    Gorgets. Neck protection for SCA
helmets-msg        (5K)  3/ 3/95    Helmets. SCA and period.
rattan-msg        (59K) 10/ 8/98    Working with rattan. Rattan sources.
SCAweapons-msg    (37K) 10/20/00    SCA weapons ideas. Construction
shields-msg       (93K)  8/22/00    SCA and period shields.
Shield-Balanc-art (10K)  6/23/99    "How to Balance your Shield to YOU!"
                                       by Master Sir Anluan Trelaine.
W-T-Shields-art   (20K)  1/19/01    "War and Tourney Shields" 
                                       by HL Aaron of the Black

The Florilegium is at:

I hope this gives you some useful material to work with.

Since I think this info might be of interest to others with new fighters
or who themselves are new fighters, I'm taking the liberty of 
cross-posting this to the Ansteorra list.

Stefan li Rous
stefan at

GuyLestran at wrote:
> John and I are planning a wave of conquest as soon as we get enough fighters.
> We plan on heading down to the rich baronies of the south first.
> However before we start this some help is needed getting our fighters armored.
> We've got 7-8 new fighters (and growing weekly) up here with only one set of
> loaner armor.  We found ourselves having to switch around armor during this
> last practice so everyone got a chance to play.  Most of them are young
> little money. I'm sure they can can enough togther for a helm.
> We can use plastic/leather for started legs vanbraces and such.  However is
> there anyone around how can help with elbow and kneecops?  I'd rather not use
> plastice to leather for new guys fo this.
> I'll foot the bill for materials and the like, if needed.  Most of them are
> skinny butt boys so the sizes would be from medium to small.
> Actually my plan would be to use them as auxilleries for the bryn-gwlad
> company.
> Thanks.
> Guy
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