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Okay, sounds interesting.  What group is hosting it?  Do you have a site?  Is there camping available, or is it near some hotels? These things are important.


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<< Good Morning All,
     Let's see if I can stir up a bit of interest in this from people other than the usual suspects. <G>  I'm not sure how widespread I've sent my personal list of classes I'd like to see but here it is again.

     I still have to get with the DEM's for Siege and Live Steel but we would like to offer them a place to spread information about their respective Weapons' Style.

     Currently the date is set for the last weekend in June, unfortunately against Sundered Shield II.  06/29, 06/30, & 07/01

This is just a list of classes I would like to see and we are still taking ideas and actively looking for instrucors.  If you have something you'd like to see or Run at Academy of the Bow please let me know.

In Service,
     Wilim Penbras

Basic Archery Topics
     Archery in the SCA (Where'd the pullies Go?)
     Selecting your First Equipment (Draw weight.  What's Draw weight)
     Basics of shooting/form (Oww, I hit my arm)
     Shooting for Minors/Children (Is that like Bowling for Dollars?)
     Introduction to Combat Archery (The 60 foot Spear)
     Different Types of Archery equipment(X-Bow vs Longbow vs Recurve)
Intermediate Archery Topics
     Equipment Maintenance and Inspection (How to use a bowstringer)
     Physics of the Bow (Dryfiring and other expensive ways to gather firewood)
     Slaying Trimarians @ 60 Feet (Without Texas Chili the night before)
     Basic Arrow Construction (We'll cover destuction in the class on not using a brick wall as a backstop.)
     Constructing your own bow String (Endless Twist Er... Flemish Loop)
     Combat Arrow styles and construction (3/8" Neoprene = bad)
     Competition Formats (Period and Modern)
     Marshalling a Range (Layout and safety concerns)
Advanced Archery Topics
     Documenting Period Archery (No Stringwalking talks Please)
     Physics of Arrow Flight (Why's it always high and to the left?)
     Advanced Arrow Construction(Splicing Feltches, Period Arrows/Nocks, Dipping/Cresting/Crowning)
     Beginning a self bow
     Laminate bow construction
     Re backing bows
     Tapered shafts  (Turning a Stick into an arrow)
     Basics of making footed shafts

Siege Topics
     Siege tactics in Combat
     Basic siege engine designs and construction
     New and Improved Siege Rules
     Operating a Siege Engine
     Marshalling Siege

Live Steel Topics
     Target construction
     Live steel Rules and regulations
     Live Steel Competition's and scoring
     Marshalling Live Steel

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