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Bob Kelley bkelley at
Tue Mar 27 13:27:52 PST 2001

Alarm!  Alarm!
    Off the windswept coast of Lindisfarne, a shout goes from village to
village!  Dragon-prowed ships have been sighted!  Marshal your swords
and shields!  Raiders are coming!
     And from the sea, the green hills of the approaching coastline
beckon. The long voyage is over.  The promise of plunder quickens the
pulse.  A cry is raised to Odin.  The Norsemen storm breaks upon the
     The Barony of Bjornsborg invites one and all to a "Raid on
Lindisfarne" this weekend, March 31st -April 1st. As described in this
month's Black Star and at our web site, a memorable event awaits!
     If your battle spirit still stirs from the Gulf War, then come
quench it in a full day of melees fought between the invading Norse and
the Celtic-Britons determined to drive the marauders back into the sea.
Come test the might of your arm in a series of challenging ravine, open
field and resurrection battles!  Siege weapons and combat archers are
     Display your artistic skills in ways befitting a Viking or Celtic
funeral.  Feast under the starlight with friends.  Gather to watch a
fallen hero depart for the afterlife.  Join the circle of firelight to
hear the songs and stories told by the bards.  And before the night is
over, battle once more in a torch lit tourney.
     The Norse invaders will be lead by His Highness Sir Duncan Arthur
Ross, Jarl Timotheos Kalamanos and Centurion Thorgard Inn Svarti.  The
defenders of the isle of Lindisfarne will be lead by Duke Kein MacEwan,
Sir Emrys Shaunnon, and Sir Richard ap' Morgan.
     Treasure awaits the victorious!  All combatants are asked to bring
an item for the winner's war chest.  A grand goblet carved with
intricate scenes apt for both Viking and Celtic cultures stands ready to
be claimed for the best bardic endeavor.  Know too, that a chosen
warrior, who best embodies the spirit of the day, will be given one
final challenge and a chance to claim a prize worthy of a hero!

     Further information about this event (site, fees, merchants, feast,
theme, etc.) can be obtained from the March Black Star and by visiting
the Raid on Lindisfarne web site or contacting the autocrat: HL
Catherine de Calais/ Jeanne Pou at ladyhauke at

     Join us for a most memorable event!  We look forward to your
     Emrys and Brianna, Baron and Baroness of Bjornsborg

P.S. Don't forget, Sunday morning the Viking Longship Company hosts
another of its famous omelet breakfasts!

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