[Ansteorra] Helm question

iainmacc@juno.com iainmacc at juno.com
Mon Nov 5 00:16:31 PST 2001

On Mon, 05 Nov 2001 01:42:03 -0600 James Crouchet <jtc at io.com> writes:
> Well, I had not intended to have my bare ear snug up against the
> bare
> metal.

        Nor did I mean to imply that you would. However, I was wondering
if you would end up with your bare ear at the bottom of a flat cylinder
of space, bordered by foam and topped by a resonant surface, that would
act as a wave guide, similar to the way the ear canal itself acts.
        I honestly have no idea whether you'd have to worry about this or
not. If it were me, I would certainly want to know for certain before I
started putting holes in my helmet shell.

              Iain MacCrimmon

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