[Ansteorra] Another Web Resource for icelandic Mss and Documents

Christie Ward val_org at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 1 07:35:54 PST 2001

I thiought I'd forward along this tidbit that came to the Norsefolk list
(and before that from the Atlantean list).  I think it will be a useful
resource not only for those interested in Norse literature, but also the
calligraphers and illuminators out there.




The National and University Library of Iceland has partnered with Cornell
University to bring Saganet to the Web. This impressive digitization project
will feature 380,000 manuscript pages and  145,000 printed pages of Old
Icelandic literature and critical works  published before 1900.

The site offers "the full range of Icelandic family sagas" as well as
Germanic/Nordic mythology, the history of Norwegian kings, and tales  of
European chivalry. Users can search or browse the collection, and  there is
a large amount of help documentation for those who need more  assistance
getting used to the interface.

It is perhaps needless to say that the site is available in both  English
and Icelandic, though the texts and cataloging records are  only in
Icelandic. We had difficulties using the site with Netscape  on a Mac
platform but no problems with Internet Explorer.

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