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My offer still stands for my shift.
Ld Carlos
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>Greetings Lords and Ladies,
>I have more information concerning security at Three Kings.  First, I'm
>sorry, but the people at Canton won't rent golf carts to us anymore.  All
>patrols will be on foot.  Now some good news.  For every hour a person
>patrols on a scheluled shift that person will receive a colored bead.  The
>beads a person earns can be deposited in a recepticle on site that
>represents that persons chosen pope.  The beads will be counted and will
>help in determining the number of war points awarded to that pope.  Also,
>there will be venison stew, snacks, and drinks for Constables.  Security
>volunteers stop by my tent for something to eat as long as it lasts.  There
>will be hot drinks (coffee etc.) available at another location on site.  We
>will have radios and if you encounter a serious security problem call and
>assistance will arrive from many directions.  I know I don't have to say
>this, but, Constables cannot be intoxicated or using intoxicating
>while on duty.  War point beads will not be awarded to security volunteers
>who violate this rule.
>Many thanks ahead of time to all the volunteer Constables.
>Oudoceus Kynith
>AKA Not Walter
>MDA Walter Davis
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