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You might try Power Source 903-834-3815 for golf carts.  This is the company
we used for Warlord. They are gas carts, $30 per day per cart, $50 delivery

In Service

HL Mary Elisabeth

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Greetings Lords and Ladies,

I have more information concerning security at Three Kings.  First, I'm
sorry, but the people at Canton won't rent golf carts to us anymore.  All
patrols will be on foot.  Now some good news.  For every hour a person
patrols on a scheluled shift that person will receive a colored bead.  The
beads a person earns can be deposited in a recepticle on site that
represents that persons chosen pope.  The beads will be counted and will
help in determining the number of war points awarded to that pope.  Also,
there will be venison stew, snacks, and drinks for Constables.  Security
volunteers stop by my tent for something to eat as long as it lasts.  There
will be hot drinks (coffee etc.) available at another location on site.  We
will have radios and if you encounter a serious security problem call and
assistance will arrive from many directions.  I know I don't have to say
this, but, Constables cannot be intoxicated or using intoxicating substances
while on duty.  War point beads will not be awarded to security volunteers
who violate this rule.

Many thanks ahead of time to all the volunteer Constables.

Oudoceus Kynith
AKA Not Walter
MDA Walter Davis

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