[Ansteorra] Helm question

John Thorn thornsca at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 4 21:29:13 PST 2001


   I think the real issue is weakening the metal.  I would STRONGLY
reccomend not drilling any holes in the left hand side of the helm.  If you
take a hard look at any heavy fighter who has been using the same helm for
several years, you can easily see sizeable dents in the left side from
repeated beatings.  A few would not weaken the metal noticeably, but too
many holes of any size would allow it to cave in far too easily.  If you can
live with it, only perforate the right side of the helm...   But that's just

   Good luck my friend.

Lord John Thorn
Shire of Middleford
Head Man-at-Arms to Sir Guy LeStrange
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