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Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Tue Nov 6 04:48:47 PST 2001

hans kemper (heidel12001 at yahoo.com) said something that sounded like:
>  It is my understanding that the Society endeavors to
> be as "period" as possible and given many of the
> comments I have heard and read throughout the SCA from
> all levels, that this is (more or less) a "policy" of
> the organization? This includes dress, camping,
> manners, etc. Is this correct?

The SCA has many types of people.

In regards to this, you should make an "attempt" at period dress. Some
people do this more than others.

  For example, my own clothing is "mongol" which is rather generic and
  not specific to a time period or local. It is also not authentic,
  but it has the appearance of it. For example, many people wear the
  wrong shoes for their clothing.

  Others will get very close to a specific time and locale throughout
  their ensemble. They very much look the part.

Many camps are not at all period. While I may camp in a yurt, it is not
made in a period fashion nor of period materials - not to mention all
the modern conveniences in it. Many others still camp in cabin or
dome tents.

A lot of people work on the 10' rule. If it looks period from 10', it's
good enough. Of course most of us realize that when you are starting,
learning or strapped for cash that you can't possible do this.

There are many that choose not to because that is not how they play this
game. For many years, I didn't either. My only reason for going to a
yurt was the fact that it had so much room inside and I could put a
queensize bed in it. *grin*


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