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Chandranath chandra at plumes.org
Tue Nov 6 14:54:50 PST 2001

> In all my reading of the corporate documents concerning the definition of
> our group I have never seen the word "policy" when it comes to the
> definition of our period endeavors specifically.
> Did someone tell you it was our official policy, in writing and all that
> good stuff?
> Anyone know where it is in writing that it is an official policy?

Since you ask, this is from a recent post from me to Northern:

 First off, corpora states that the only requirement for attending Society
 events is wearing pre-17th century clothing.  No further stipulation is
 made in that section (Requirements for Participants at Society events).
 Moving into the By-Laws, we see that the SCA is "dedicated primarily to the
 promotion of research and re-creation in the field of pre-17th-century
 Western culture."

 The above section also references the second item of the Articles of
 Incorporation.  Section (b) of this item reads:

 "Generally, to engage in research; publish materials of relevance and interest
 to the field of pre-17th-Century Western Culture; to present activities and
 events which re-create the environment of said era, such as, but not limited
 to, tournaments, jousts, fairs, dances, classes, etc cetera; to acquire
 authentic or reproduced replicas of chattels representive of said era; and
 to collect a library."

 So much for corporate documents.  I don't yet have the new copy of Kingdom
 Law, obviously, but I freely assume nothing has changed recently that affects
 our topic.  The only relevant item I see, in fact, is under Primary Rights
 and Duties of the Populace: "The primary right and duty of each Subject of
 Ansteorra is, by their presence, participation, research, and interaction,
 to assist the Kingdom in recreating the environment of pre-Seventeenth Century
 culture at activities and events such as, but not limited to, tournaments,
 fairs, parties, dances, classes, et cetera."

So there's policy. :)


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