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>>     What is 'period' is subjective to each individual that
>>participates.  As a newcomer you will discover your comfort level and
>>your interests.  Not everyone is into being extremely period (and most
>>of those who are I have found that the authenticity they practice
>>applies only to their own activities, and do not judge others who play
>>differently), and the interests you pursue will most likely govern your
>>level of authenticity.  For example, I have found the majority of the
>>members of the rapier community try very hard to make a good appearance
>>in fine garb, as it is very hard to swash that buckle in a ratty tunic
>>and jeans!  Do not worry about what is appropriate, just look around you
>>and see what catches your eye...not just appearances, but activities.
>>You will discover what you love to do, or how to apply what you already
>>love to an SCA environment.  Then you will want to dress, act and
>>support the the thing you love in a way that works for you.
>>     If you see something you want, ask people who have/wear/use it how
>>they made it or where they got it.  Everyone will be glad to help.
>>'Possession envy' is a great motivator!
>>     Learn and enjoy!
>>HE Catrin ferch Gwilym
>>hans kemper wrote:
>>>   It is my understanding that the Society endeavors to
>>>  be as "period" as possible and given many of the
>>>  comments I have heard and read throughout the SCA from
>>>  all levels, that this is (more or less) a "policy" of
>>>  the organization? This includes dress, camping,
>>>  manners, etc. Is this correct?
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While I certainly agree with the above sentiment, the new comer
question might possibly have come from, and may be repeated due to:

<Quoted from the kingdom law section from www.ansteorra.org>

Section 5: Maintenance of Period Ambiance

      1.No object, conduct, or manner of dress which is blatantly
modern shall be publicly displayed at SCA events unless
        permission has been obtained from the autocrat or the Crown.
      2.Any person who displays a blatantly modern appearance shall be
open to public censure by the Crown or its
      3.Modern equipment such as recorders, vehicles, phones, and
cameras must be hidden whenever possible.

Anyone want to tackle editing kingdom law, or has this been updated
and not posted to the web page? :)

In service,


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