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>Camps are the same...and NO ONE expects you to be perfect right away...it
>takes time.

Or really ever....there are still valuable, loved members of the SCA who after 10 plus years still run around with only one or two mostly period T-tunics in their kit. A sincere attempt is all that is really needed. But you will probably find that you will want to follow the growing kingdom trend of historical accuracy in your clothing and accoutrements.

>The main point is to try, and be patient. Don't get discouraged and ask for
>help. There are tons of people who have knowledge and are more than willing
>to share.

It took me several years (6 to be precise) before I started to really understand what "period" verses "relatively period" was...and  though I am working on more "period" stuff...I still haven't gotten it to the level I think I should be...and that's after over 12 years of study.  Most of my study has been self directed...sometimes I wish I could have been at a comfort level to reach outside my own area (I grew up in a group that was very isolated and had few people to mentor me) and gotten more direction. My advice is to reach out for help!

>Avery Shaw
>Bryn Gwlad

Lorraine DeerSlayer

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