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Brown, Charley W. Chass at lakewebs.net
Sun Nov 11 17:32:52 PST 2001

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Thanking you for comeing to margrave doesnt even begin to tell you how much we appreciate you all for comeing to Margrave and makeing it such an Awesome event. The fellowship we recieved and the gentle, careing, kindness shared by all, And let us not forget the OMG Night court at the Circle. Vicar Robert yet again we must say Thank you for pushing for our event as much as you did. I hate to say I worked almost constantly at the event and didnt get to meet hardly anyone, but the ones I have met have reassured me the North is the Coolest place on earth to be. Now a personal Thank you. Eldern Hills, Your people do you great honor, They pitched in and helped in the kitchen without being asked to or asking. Their company made my chore of running a tavern so much more bearable (mostly by forceing food down me lol). There were many from Ansteorra as well as from our Neighbor Smythekeep who volunteered to help but with the gentle souls from Eldern Hills helping us we didnt wish to take away from others enjoyment of the event by burdening them with chores before hand. When it came time for clean up Everyone pitched in with all the things, I have never been so pleased to be part of the north as when I looked up from cleaning pots in the kitchen to see groups of people cleaning everything from the bathroom to the cabins. The Rangers were so impressed with the cleanliness of the site that they said "We would more than welcome you back" and "You left it alot cleaner than you found it.". If I seemed distant to anyone please forgive for I was under a great burden and always in a hurry. Still sitting here thinking of the event my heart Swells with pride and remembering that Beautiful site. I think there is not a more appropriate site for our next margrave. Northkeep and the soon to be Baron and Baroness Vivat for helping us pull this off, your gentle hand to guide us and not "Chew us" when we didnt know something and your quick response to lend ideas and suggestions is greatly appreciated, then the donations of all those wonderful prizes, what could one say but WOW and there were too many to name names of who gave what but Thank you to all who supplied them. Then our champions :) There was some heartbreak and some Dreams made. We must say, you made your little canton feel so special, then the Merchants Wow. Too much to say and explain feelings on... Just know we appreciate and love you all (and no this Isnt Elizebeta writeing this but Chass), and forever will this event shine in my mind like a beacon to help me through the rough times when being at events is impossable for me (i go through withdrawls if i go longer than 2 weeks lol). (more to follow with the announcements of who won what, as soon as my lady and I finish unpacking and dig the list out lol)
Vivat Ansteorra           Vivat Eldern Hills
Vivat Northkeep          Vivat Moonschadowe             VIVAT THE SCA
Vivat the North            Vivat Namron
Vivat Wisenfurer          Vivat Smythekeep

Chass Brown aka Charinthalis Del Sans
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