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On the whole, good Rodrigo, I agree with you.  However, just one piece of
advice set off every alarm in my head...read historical novels..

Well, not really.  Most historical novels are not good sources.  Most of
them are poorly researched, comparatively speaking.  There are some out
there, and they are worth the time to read them, just be choosy and use good

There are also some good "translations" of period literature out there to
read while you are listening to that period music.  Most used bookstores
have tons of used copies of Malory, Chretien de Troyes and Chaucer as well
as Boccacio, Dante and others.  There are also many websites that have
online copies of most of these.  The Decameron has it's own site and I
recall seeing something on a list about some Norse sagas being available

I remain in service,
Lady Medb Liath

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Greetings my lord,
I recommend myself to you.  After reading a number of messages on
period attire I feel that I should offer my humble opinion.  While
a quick T-Tunic and sweats can be easy on the pocketbook, I think
you will find that a complete outfit from one period (head to toe)
will only be marginally more money and time given certain
caveats.  These caveats involve taking the time to research what
period and region you are interested in, and then find someone
that is fairly experienced in making, or obtaining the items
needed to achieve the appearance you are after.  The basic thing
to remember is you will only get out of the SCA what you put into
it.  If you put little effort into your involvement, you will more
than likely only get so much out of the events that you attend.
If you are interested in learning about one period or another my
limited experience says wade into it, live and breath your period
once you have found it, read historical novels, and listen to
period music.  Find those who share your interests and share your
world with them.  Feed off each other's enthusiasm as if it were
the sweet breath of a muse.  Before long you will look back on
years of happy memories populated by good friends, memories that
like stars never fade as long as there is light in their heart,
the light of your desire to learn more.

Lord Rodrigo de Navarra
Honor est praemium virtutis.
Honour is virtue's reward.
(Cicero, Brutus)

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>    What is 'period' is subjective to each individual that
>participates.  As a newcomer you will discover your comfort level
>your interests.  Not everyone is into being extremely period (and
>of those who are I have found that the authenticity they practice
>applies only to their own activities, and do not judge others who
>differently), and the interests you pursue will most likely
govern your
>level of authenticity.  For example, I have found the majority of
>members of the rapier community try very hard to make a good
>in fine garb, as it is very hard to swash that buckle in a ratty
>and jeans!  Do not worry about what is appropriate, just look
around you
>and see what catches your eye...not just appearances, but
>You will discover what you love to do, or how to apply what you
>love to an SCA environment.  Then you will want to dress, act and
>support the the thing you love in a way that works for you.
>    If you see something you want, ask people who have/wear/use
it how
>they made it or where they got it.  Everyone will be glad to help.
>'Possession envy' is a great motivator!
>    Learn and enjoy!
>HE Catrin ferch Gwilym
>hans kemper wrote:
>>  It is my understanding that the Society endeavors to
>> be as "period" as possible and given many of the
>> comments I have heard and read throughout the SCA from
>> all levels, that this is (more or less) a "policy" of
>> the organization? This includes dress, camping,
>> manners, etc. Is this correct?
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