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Mark.S Harris mark.s.harris at motorola.com
Mon Nov 12 08:36:08 PST 2001

"Brown, Charley W." wrote:
> A couple months back someone posted a URL for a source of non lead pewter
> that one could buy in blocks.. whould that person please repost it for me :)
> (we are soon to start on next years site tokens lol)
> Chass Brown aka Charinthalis Del Sans
> Owner Dwarvenhome Armory
> www.dwarvenhome.com/dwarv1.html

Check this file in the CRAFTS section of the Florilegium:
pewter-msg        (16K)  2/ 7/01    Pewter in period. References.

Someone mentioned jason townsend and sons. Unfortunately, like
some of the other pewter sources, the price of this item is a
commodity which can go up an down on a daily basis so you have
to call them to get the current price. However, since Townsend and
Sons is a retailer of re-enactment goods and not in the metals
business, I would expect their prices to be higher.

The two places with the best prices are Rio Grande and Hallmark.
I've been buying from Hallmark, myself.

Here is part of a message from my pewter-msg file:
> After Jonathan Blackbow (of Atlantia) suggested getting Pewter from
> the Hallmark Metal Co (hallmark.metal at juno.com) 1-888-467-8000
> last week I emailed them from their webpage.
> http://www.hallmarkmetalscorp.com/
> This morning I got an email suggesting I call them.
> They don't have a catalog, books on casting, or rtv rubbers that I
> had asked about. However they do have the lowest prices on Pewter
> I've yet run across. (Being a commodity the metal prices are
> subject to change however.)
> I spoke with Stephan M. Kaplan and he told me they have two lead
> free pewters particularly suitable for our purposes with the first
> designed specifically for children at the request of Crayola.
> The initials are named for his child.
> MPK is a Tin/Copper/Bismuth/Silver alloy melts 5-600 degrees f $4.25 lb.
> 928 is a Tin/Antimony/Copper alloy / melts 550-650 degrees f $3.75 lb.
> The bars are available in 7 lbs, and are notched for three pieces
> or can be cut at the factory.

Folks interested in perhaps trying some casting might also be interested
in these other two files:
casting-msg      (124K)  2/ 7/01    Casting pewter and other metals.
soapstone-msg      (6K)  9/ 8/99    Use of Soapstone in period. Modern

I have been doing pewter casting using soapstone molds for about six or
eight years, so feel free to contact me with further questions, although
I recommend reading these files first.

THLord Stefan li Rous
stefan at texas.net

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