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Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's is a scholar who throughtly researches everything for
her novels. Just take a look at her acknowledgement lists. Her research is
one of the reasons I strongly recommend her books.

While I also loved Blood Games, Blood Roses during the time of the Medicis
is marvalous!

Mistress Bunny

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> And I'd recommend Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's vampire series (begun, I believe,
> before Anne Rice's) that spans Egyptian times through modern day.
 The best one in the series, in my estimation, is the one set in Nero's
> Rome:  "Blood Games".  Ms. Yarbro is quite a scholar, but manages to make
 history come alive.  Her books are very readable, and have kept me up into
> wee hours of the morning, turning pages as quickly as I could.
> Ly Madelina de Lyndesaye
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> Lady Medb Liath wrote:
> Well, not really.  Most historical novels are not good sources.  Most of
> them are poorly researched, comparatively speaking.  There are some out
> there, and they are worth the time to read them, just be choosy
> and use good
> judgement.

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